Shaam L Phanes

artist, writer, multimedia storyteller

Who is Shaam L. Phanes?
I am an Arab American. I am nonbinary, my pronouns are they/them. And I am enchanted by multimedia storytelling.
What is multimedia storytelling?
I believe in the power of stories, and the beauty of the experience of stories through different media. Different media, like the written word, comics, animation, film, and (my favourite) video games channel stories in media-specific ways that bring depth and dimension to the experience of stories.
I am an artist, writer and multimedia storyteller. Fantasy, science fiction/fantasy and retellings are my jam. I tell stories that explore the question and mystery of the soul, as well as stories of intersectional LGBTQ+ identities, nature and the natural world, and our relationship with it and its (indifferent?) relationship with us.
My passions in storytelling manifest themselves through a multimedia passion project of mine. This multimedia storytelling project (MMSP) tells an overarching story that spans across seven stories, each channeled through their own media; a novel chronicle, an interactive novel mobile game, 3D animation film, a motion picture film, a 2D animation series, a third person video game and a choice-based video game.
I know. Quite a lot, right?
It is quite a lot. And I am very eager to share it with you. If this sounds up your alley, consider following me on my socials, as well as connect with me and catch the latest updates on my MMSP. It’s a dream of mine to connect with people whom are as interested and passionate about stories as I am.
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