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The Wolf's Journal; An Excerpt

The Wolf's Revenge; Opening Chapter

Doppelgänger; An Excerpt

Navi is a WEBTOON in-progress comic that tells the story of this amazing person that you see right here in this image. Navi has come of age and is cursed with having a wingless shadow, a curse that is unacceptable in their community. They must go on a journey through a sacred path and undergo rituals in hope that their shadow grows wings, or otherwise risk exile.

Who is Shaam L. Phanes? Why, I'm an Arab American multimedia storyteller. My pronouns are they/them. And I am enchanted by storytelling.
I am currently working on a visual novel series, The Wolf’s Revenge, and a WEBTOON comic called Navis (coming soon). My work explores intersections of identities, specifically Arab, Arab American and trans and queer identities.
I am also fascinated with the question of the soul in a visual, metaphorical sense: How does the soul house one’s identity? How do one’s experiences in turn affect the soul? What is there to learn about the soul anyway, and how can we connect with it?

I also enjoy video games and tea.

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